Clear Change® 28 Day Program with UltraClear® Plus pH – Vanilla


Metabolic Detoxification Program with UltraClear® Plus pH – Vanilla

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The Clear Change 28-Day Program featuring UltraClear Plus pH provides a more comprehensive approach to metabolic detoxification than the 10-day program. It’s an easy-to-follow eating plan with UltraClear Plus pH nutritional powder mix and AdvaClear® dietary supplement capsules that will help patients get on track to feel better and more energized. Many people benefit from completing a 28-day metabolic detoxification program once or twice a year.♦

Metabolic detoxification is a natural bodily process that consists of 3 major detoxification pathways: Phase I (functionalization), Phase II (conjugation), and Phase III (antiporter activity). In this process, fat soluble compounds must undergo transformation and become water-soluble before they can be excreted.

The 28-day program is ideal for those who present with decreased vitality, individuals who eat a diet heavy in processed food and/or lacking in beneficial phytonutrients , or those who have a sedentary or high stress lifestyle. It is also ideal for individuals who scored >50 on the Metabolic Detoxification Questionnaire.

This convenient 28-day program includes:

    UltraClear Plus pH (Vanilla or Pineapple Banana)—an advanced, specialized nutritional powder mix formulated for metabolic detoxification, including support for alkalinization, balanced liver detoxification capacity♦
    • Features a low-allergy-potential rice protein base and is designed to help nutritionally support the detoxification of potentially harmful compounds by the liver and reduce exposure to food allergens♦
    • Supports Phase I and II detoxification, delivering nutrients to help enhance activities of several liver detoxification enzymes and antioxidants to help support the clearance of reactive intermediary compounds♦
    • Provides advanced support for Phase III detoxification by nutritionally supporting alkalinity and excretion♦
    AdvaClear®—supports balanced metabolic detoxification activity and provides antioxidant protection against reactive oxygen intermediates produced during the detoxification process♦
    • Delivers methylated vitamin B12 and folic acid along with nutrients designed to enhance the activities of several liver detoxification enzymes♦

    Free shaker cup—convenient way to mix a nutritional powder
    Program guide—easy-to-follow instructions, menu plans, and recipes
    Program diary—for patients to track their experience
    Free webinar—on-demand presentation from Metagenics clinicians
    Web-based tools, recipes, FAQs, and sign-up for daily motivational emails at

This convenient 28-day kit includes:
• UltraClear® Plus pH (Vanilla or Pineapple Banana)—3 Canisters
• AdvaClear® Dietary Supplement—126 Capsules

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